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I made a few personal zines and fanzines as a teenager, and picked it up again during covid. they're a fun and easily accessible way to make something small, personal and creative, and it's satisfying to make something physical that you can hold in your hand. I love zines.

how to survive lockdown with seeds and compost: this was the first zine I made in... maybe twenty years. Found a zine jam about hobbies, thought it'd be fun to try, loved the process and, even though it's super simple and short, the result.
If you want to make this as a paper zine, you can print it out and follow the instructions here. I'll probably try to make an online-readable version at some point. There's a transcript with descriptions of the pictures here.

why mushrooms are awesome: another tiny zine because I really enjoyed making the first one! This one is mostly just line drawings of mushrooms plus a little bit about why I love them. Transcript with image descriptions.

why you should read all tomorrows: a little fan zine about the speculative fiction book All Tomorrows by C. M. Kosemen/Nemo Ramjet. Transcript with image descriptions.

I Went On My Honeymoon 2 Years Late: I got married in 2020, and finally went on honeymoon in 2022. and then I made a zine about it. Transcript with image descriptions.

Character Creation Speedrun: A quick little tool to help you generate a character for TTRPGs. There's a text-only transcript available to download on the page.

dead things and me: a mini-zine with drawings of fossils. Transcript with image descriptions.

Oops! I Ate A Weird Mushroom And Got Transported To The Fae Realm: a one-page solo TTRPG, made for the One-Page TTRPG Jam. There's a pdf and a text file to download on the page as well as the printable zine version.

A Thing Divine, So Noble: a blackout poetry zine, made for the Zine Idea Generator 2.0 Jam, using the prompt "Make a fanzine that turns an existing work into a meditation on sealife". I took various passages from The Tempest and turned them into blackout poetry about sea creatures.
Transcribing blackout poetry is tricky and I'm not sure I really got the effect, but my best attempt at a transcript is here.

spooky season appreciation zine: a mini-zine with a few doodles and thoughts on how I came to appreciation autumn as a season a little more. This is also a pretty good illustration of just how much my drawing ability decreases when I don't use references of any sort at all! Transcript incoming soon.