[ viper . skin ]

The front cover has a black and white ink drawing of mushrooms with long narrow stems, growing in some moss, and the words "why mushroooms are awesome" handwritten in lowercase above them.

The first page shows a very rough line drawing of some mushrooms with slightly ragged-looking caps, and the words "they're not plants and not animals. they're just doing their own thing, just vibing."

The second page has a sketch of oyster mushrooms and the words "some of them are pretty great to eat (but not all)".

The third page has a sketch of some mushrooms with thick stems and smooth caps, growing through leafmould, and the words "they grow up out of dead things, bringing life our of decay..."

The fourth page has a picture of mushrooms with narrow stems and dark caps, and the text "... and helping them break back down into the soil."

The fifth page has a picture of mushrooms growing at an angle out of a vertical surface, and the words "they might look separate, but they're linked by mycelium."

The sixth page has a drawing of a shaggy inkcap starting to turn into ink, and the text "they're just so goddamn pretty."

The back cover has a drawing of several fly agarics, and the words "thank you for reading!" it's signed "natrix" with the url natrix.space written underneath.