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The front cover shows a hand-drawn sketch of a cobbled street with old-fashioned shop windows. A sign in the foreground says "The Shambles" and another one slightly further away has a rough version of the traditional Yorkshire white rose symbol. Text says "I went on my honeymoon two years late".

The first page reads: "Two years ago, I got married! It was 2020, so it wasn't a big wedding. Or a medium one. Not even our two-year-old was allowed in. Just us and two witnesses. No reception. No honeymoon. But we did have co-ordinating face masks, so that was nice." Around the text are doodles of wedding bells, a Covid virus, and a face mask.

Second page: "Now it's 2022, so we thought, fuck it, let's do this. So we went to York (next to the word York are the names Eboracum and Jorvik crossed out), because I like the Roman walls, and it's nearby." There is a line drawing of the Roman stone walls underneath.

Third page: "We went on the train and got a hotel room," with a line drawing of a train underneath, and "we ate croffles (croissant waffles), they were good." There is a drawing of a croffle (it looks exactly like a waffle, but it's a croffle I promise) with a dollop of ice cream and some berries on top.

Fourth page: "We found a queer bookshop and a queer nerd cafe, and they bought some dice with eyes in them, and the guy working there knew we were together, didn't ask "are you siblings", asked "do you have kids" and gave us Pokemon colouring sheets". There is a very rough drawing of two dice, a d20 and d6, at the side.

Fifth page: "We got lost at night and kept walking past the ghost walk tour." There is a line drawing of Clifford's Tower, an ancient castle keep.

Sixth page: "We saw a cat cafe, but didn't go in (we have cats at home). We got iced coffee and boba tea and bought souvenirs." There are scribbly line drawings of a cat sitting in a cafe window, some boba and iced coffee, and some playing cards (those were the souvenirs).

The back cover reads: "And we went home. Maybe next year we'll finally hold the reception," above a line drawing of York train station.