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The front cover has three little pictures of herbs growing in plant pots, labelled "basil", "mint" and "coriander", and the title written above them saying "How to survive lockdown with seeds and compost".

The first page shows a simple line drawing of a plant pot with soil in it, plus the words "Take compost, put in plant pot."

The second page shows some seeds dropping into the soil, with the words "Add seeds. Get your toddler to help. No you can't eat them. No they don't go in your nose."

Third page: water being poured onto the seeds and soil, with the text "Add water. Wait. Explain the concept of waiting to your toddler (badly). Wonder when you'll see your friends again."

Fourth page: the plant pot now has tiny green shoots peeping out of the soil. Text reads: "Watch tiny green shoots appear. Think about the cycle of life. Tell yourself this is not forever (probably)".

Fifth page: three small pictures of the plant pot, in each one the green shoots are a bit bigger and leafier. The text reads: "Little green shoots turn into big ones. Explain to toddler what patience is."

Sixth page: there are two small drawings, one showing little green leaves dropping onto a plate with salad and tomatoes on it, the other showing them dropping into a bowl of pasta. The text says "Eat the results in a salad, or pasta. Tell yourself next year will be better."

The back cover has the word "...right?" in the centre, with a question mark after it. There is a border of green leaves and seeds drawn around it.